In winter, the days get shorter, darker and colder and make us spend more time indoors. Around this time, many of us feel tired, sluggish and start to feel our mood sinking. Tending to be more sedentary, impacts our energy levels and interest in activities. Most of us experience seasonal depression in the winter season, therefore it is important to be mindful and take care of oneself. Here are the five ways to uplift your mood and fight the winter blues.

1. Move Your Body
Exercise is like an antidepressant, it is one of the most powerful ways to lift up a depressed mood. Five minutes of gentle stretching is enough to refocus your brain, get your blood flowing and add some energy to your distressing mood.

2. Socialize
In winter, the temperature takes a nosedive and makes your body to hibernate by not leaving your house. Schedule a regular contact with your friends and family as social connection is the key factor for overall well being and mood.

3. Light Therapy
Exposure to morning sunlight is the best way to improve your mood. Alternately, a non-invasive treatment often used to treat seasonal affective disorder is light therapy, in which the people sit in front of bright lights to improve their moods.

4. Get Vitamin D levels Checked
Less exposure to the sun in winters results in lower vitamin D levels. Research studies have shown that improving vitamin D levels in the body by going out into the sun helps in improving one’s mood.

5. Pamper Yourself
What comes to your mind when you think of treating yourself? For example, drinking hot tea, taking fragrant baths, lighting candles, reading books. All these things raise the feel-good hormones and enhance your mood.